Inflatable Dock Hangout Quad Square [Starboard]


The Hangout Quad configuration is proof that the best things in life come in fours. (They say that, right?) With this “open floor plan” on the water, you can create your very own faux-pool area in any body of water by combining 4 Hangout Couches. And you’ve got a couple of different options: To make a square pool, attach four of the same couch (Port or Starboard) together. To make a rectangular pool, use two of each (Port and Starboard). This makeshift “pool” lets everyone chat whether they want to be lounging on the couch or floating on a Hangout Chair in the water.


This Configuration Includes:

Four (4) Inflatable Hangout Couch [Starboard]
Each Hangout Couch Includes:

One (1) Inflatable Hangout Couch
One (1) Inflatable Pontoon Backrest
One (1) Aero Repair Kit
One (1) Hand Pump
One (1) Carry Sling
One set of Four (4) Docklink Connectors

One (1) Hangout Couch:

Inflated Dimensions: 8′ L × 60″ W × 6″ D (244cm L × 152.4cm W × 15.24cm D)
Capacity: 900 LBS (408 kg)
Weight: 27 LBS (12.25 kg)
Construction: Inflatable AeroULTRA Technology
Optimal Floor Inflation: 6-8 PSI
Optimal Pontoon Inflation: 2-3 PSI
Folded Dimensions: 25″ L × 20.5″ W × 10.25″ D (97.2cm L × 52.1cm W × 26cm D)
Hangout Quad Square Configuration:

Configuration Inflated Dimensions: 13′ L × 13′ W × 6″ D (396.24cm L × 396.24cm W × 15.24cm D)
Total Capacity: 3600 LBS (1633.29 kg)
Total Weight: 108 LBS (48.99 kg)