MERCURY® MERCRUISER® Tow Sport Inboards 320 – 370hp

The Perfect Choice for Tow Sports

The power and reliability that makes a fun day on the water unforgettable. A flawless blend of torque, pulling power, and launch propulsion.

Intuitive Design.

Pair these engines with Smart Tow® and choose from an array of profiles to dial in your ideal launch and cruising speeds. Five pre-set launch controls – from gradual to aggressive acceleration – can be customised to suit the whole family.

Durable & Reliable.

Electronic MPI technology delivers smooth, quiet and steady idling; instant throttle response; and increased fuel efficiency to help reduce operating and maintenance costs. Engine Guardian, which monitors engine functions and prevents potential problems comes standard.

Maximum Torque.

The Mercury MerCruiser 6.2L features a compact, lightweight scroll intake manifold – which improves air flow at low- and mid-rpm ranges. Enhanced air flow optimises boat acceleration and time to plane, so you can get up to cruising speed more quickly and easily.